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Social Inclusion - Employment and Health


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• "Lasciati fuori, Violazione dei diritti dei Rom in Europa" [‘Left out: Violations of Europe’s Roma people’s rights’] (Amnesty International, 2010), testifies to the violation of the rights of Roma people in Europe.

• Endemic discrimination, combined with inadequate education levels, apparently nullify the effects of emerging employment policies for Roma and Sinti people.

• Only 34.7% of Roma and Sinti people in Italy are employed, according to the EU Inclusive survey.

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• Statement by a Macedonian Roma woman.

• Right to health violations: the health of millions of Roma people in Europe is endangered by poverty and pitiful living conditions.

• A variety of hindrances prevent Roma people from enjoying their right to health.

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Further Reading

  • Forced and coercive sterilisations of Roma women”, da “Human rights of Roma and Travellers in Europe”, Council of Europe, 2012, pp. 138-168.
  • “The inclusion of highly vulnerable groups: the experience of Roma migrants in France”, Urbarom, 2011

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