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Who are they? - A World of Worlds


The necessary recognition of the plurality of worlds

The Roma and Sinti are often referred to as though they were one and the same people, but in actual fact they are not.
They have different nationalities, religious beliefs and habits; the history of their migrations and their relationships with the land are completely different.
Some families live in subsidized housing projects, others in private homes or villas, others in camps with regular power and gas supplies, others still in third-world-style shanty towns, or even on the gravelly river beds or in caves. 
There are no uniform criteria to classify them anthropologically.

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Roma, Sinti, Kale, Manouches, Romaniche?


• Roma: In Central and Eastern Europe.

• Sinti: In Western Europe.

• Kale or Cale: (meaning “black”) various groups in Finland, Wales, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Algeria and Iraq.

• Manouches: France and Italy (the Sinti people in Piedmont).

• Romanichals or Romaniche: England, North America and Australia

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In Italy


• Long-settled Roma: Approximately 50,000 people.

• Long-settled Sinti: Approximately 50,000 people..

• Roma from former Yugoslavia: Approximately 30,000 people.

• Romanian Roma: Approximately 40,000 people.

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