Armenian Genocide Survivor Robert Gajar
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B. Artin Haig

Armenian Genocide survivor B. Artin Haig -- who also went by Artin Kojababian -- discusses his career as a photographer and what it was like to meet President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Thomas D'Aquino on Entering Dachau Concentration Camp

Liberator Thomas D'Aquino describes in this clip his impressions upon entering Dachau.

Watch his full-length testimony at

Lukas Meissel's lecture "SS Photographs from Concentration Camps: Perpetrator Sources and Counter-Narratives of Victims"

In this lecture, Lukas Meissel (PhD candidate, Haifa University, and 2018-2019 Greenberg Research Fellow) presents the preliminary findings of his dissertation research about photographic practices in concentration camps, specifically photos taken by SS men, to argue that the SS photographs were used to create a specific visual narrative of the concentration camps that excludes significant aspects of the camps’ reality.