The USC Shoah Foundation has been sharing the voices and experiences of Holocaust survivors for 30 years. Our archive is the world’s largest video repository of Holocaust survivor testimony, a living history that can help shape responses to prejudice, hatred, and violence.

We are now witnessing a resurgence in antisemitism that demonstrates that the malicious attitudes and behaviors that led to the Holocaust continue to fester today.

Since the October 7 massacres in Israel, we have been working with partners on the ground to record hundreds of interviews with survivors and witnesses of the deadliest antisemitic attack since the Holocaust.

These testimonies, available below, are part of our ongoing initiative to expand our Contemporary Antisemitism Collection focused on victims of antisemitism since 1945.

Our core Holocaust Collection and our Contemporary Antisemitism Collection – though vastly different in scope and content – together offer a stark testament to the persistence and destructiveness of antisemitism, a virulent belief system that defies the passage of time and the lessons of history.

Today, we stand with survivors from all generations with renewed determination to preserve their stories and to fight against the age-old plague of antisemitism.

If you are a survivor or first responder to the attacks and want to tell your story, please connect with a team member

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Some videos contain graphic and disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised. Some automated captions may contain minor errors or inaccuracies, and we are continuously updating them for accuracy.

Countering Antisemitism Through Testimony

Our Countering Antisemitism Through Testimony Collection is an invaluable resource to researchers, educators, and policymakers in the urgent effort to mitigate the deadly threat of antisemitism around the globe.

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The USC Shoah Foundation and Tablet Studios have joined forces to create The Testimonies Archive, a curated collection of audio and video interviews. This initiative aims to grow, share, and amplify the reach of the October 7 testimony collection.