Institutions with Access to the Visual History Archive

The Institute offers access to the Visual History Archive to subscribing institutions, including universities, museums, libraries, centers and memorial sites. Subscriptions come in two forms: full access and partial access.

Full access to the over 56,669 testimonies in the Visual History Archive is provided to 181 subscribing institutions in 23 countries around the world, including USC.

Partial access is granted to 232 institutions in 36 countries. These smaller collections vary in size but in general range between a handful and several thousand copies of testimonies in the Visual History Archive.

Also, to accommodate incredible demand from outside of the subscribing institutions, the Institute has established the Visual History Archive Online, which enables any user with an Internet connection to access indexing data on the 56,669 interviewees, and provides access to 4,000 full-length video testimonies.

The indexing terms include geographical locations and time periods as well as location names and experience groups. The names of the 2 million individuals mentioned in the Archive are also indexed and searchable.

To view video testimony from the Visual History Archive at USC, you will need to be on USC's secured network or VPN.

Access the Visual History Archive at USC

If you are not currently on the USC secure network, you can still use the Visual History Archive Online, which has access to the entire metadata of the Archive but with limited viewing access to 4,000. The free registration form for accessing the Visual History Archive Online can be found here:

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Survivors and Family
Survivors and family can receive a link to view the testimony of relatives online at no cost.
Filmmakers and Other Organizations: Other ways to access the archive
If you are an interviewee, family member, documentary filmmaker, educational organization, or museum, you can find out more about acquiring or licensing copies of testimony at sfiaccess: