Forever Fund
The fund ensures that with every future technological innovation, testimony will continue to be available
Your gift of $3,000 to the Forever Fund supports this vital purpose and permanently connects you to the testimony most meaningful to you and your loved ones. Every gift to the Forever Fund supports USC Shoah Foundation’s endowment—a lasting source of funding that guarantees the protection and accessibility of archived testimonies in perpetuity.
Stronger Than Hate
Galvanizing teachers, students, and policy makers to overcome hate in America, Stronger Than Hate provides education, training and resources. The initiative will draw on the 55,000 testimonies in the Institute’s Visual History Archive®, who provide ample warning of the link between ideological group hatred and genocidal violence.
Preserving the Legacy
We are expanding the Visual History Archive® to include testimonies taken and owned by other organizations.
Countering Antisemitism Through Testimony
Antisemitism impacts real people every day.
Global Headquarters at Leavey Library
Named gifts are lasting reminders of your remarkable contribution to us.
The Last Chance Testimony Collection
The 55,000 women and men in USC Shoah Foundation's Visual History Archive® share their life stories — of trauma and loss, as well as culture and family, and ultimately survival, for the benefit of future generations. As long as there are still witnesses ready to speak, their voices must be heard and preserved. We must act now to collect the remaining testimonies of Holocaust witnesses — before it is too late.