Ukraine under attack

Thu, 02/24/2022 - 6:18pm

We stand with our programmatic partners in both Ukraine and Russia who continue the hard work of building more tolerant communities by educating about the horrors of the Holocaust and the consequences of unchecked hatred.  We are deeply disturbed by Russian President Vladimir Putin's call to "denazify" Ukraine—a country with a Jewish president who lost family members in the Holocaust—and by his unfounded claim that the military incursion was justified by “genocide” in Ukraine. We must call out and educate against Holocaust distortion and the toxic language so often used to foment violence and undermine democracy. 

Read an interview from Annenberg Media with our colleague Svetlana Ushakova and with Anna Lenchovska, leader of Tolerspace, a Ukrainian partner, on their assessment of the situation

As we grieve the loss of life and continue to hope for the safety and well-being of civilians, we hope that the voices of survivors of genocide, like Holocaust survivor George Papanek, can remind us of the importance of understanding and looking at what brings us together rather than what drives us apart.

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George Papanek on Making a Difference

Holocaust survivor George Papanek encourages people to "think globally, act locally," and work together to create a better world.