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  • June 23, 2014

    I was born and brought up in a university town in the Czech Republic called Olomouc. It had a small Jewish community.   My father is a writer and academic.  Five years ago he interviewed Milos Dobry who was a prominent member of the Olomouc Jewish community and a long-term Holocaust survivor.  His story was fascinating - about how he and his brother had survived Terezín and Auschwitz and how Milos had gone on to have a successful career as an inventor and sports personality.  I went to meet Milos Dobry personally to further interview him about his history.

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Daniel Hrbrek is the director and manager of Švandovo Theatre, pedagogue of acting, direction on DAMU Academy in Prague. Hrbrek has been involved in theater for over twenty years including acting and artistic director for companies and theaters. In 1999 he became the Artistic Director of Švandovo Theatre, one of the oldest Prague theatres (established in 1881). Besides his directing work he also writes stage adaptations and his own plays including Shoah, which the english adapation titled The Good and the True, will open off-Broadway for an eight-week limited engagement. Hrbrek is the director and scenic and costume design for the Good and the True.

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