2014/03/24: Senior Institute Fellow Dr. Douglas Greenberg Lecture "Memories of the Forgotten Holocaust: The Jews of Wolyn, 1900-2000"

March 24, 2014: 2014 Senior Institute Fellow Dr. Douglas Greenberg, Rutgers University Distinguished Professor of History, discusses a place that was in six different countries in the 20th century: the region of Wolyn, which is now in Ukraine. He is currently conducting research to reconstruct the experience of the survivors of the Holocaust who came from Wolyn, where 250,000 Jews were murdered before the death camps were completely operational. Relying on about 500 video interviews in the Shoah Foundation archive, Greenberg uncovers the narrative of the path to mass murder as well as the unusual paths to survival followed by the Jews from Wolyn who escaped the bullets of the Einsatzgruppen and their Ukrainian henchmen.

Language: English