Kátia Lerner

Kátia Lerner worked as interviewer and Regional Assistant Coordinator for USC Shoah Foundation in Rio de Janeiro from 1996 to 1999. After that period, she continued her work as liaison until 2012. Katia received an MA in Social Communication and a PhD in Cultural Anthropology, both at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Her thesis analyzes the process of shaping the memory of the Holocaust taking as object of study the then called Survivors of the Holocaust Visual History Foundation (from 1994 to 2001). She received the Mario de Andrade Prize in 2008 – a Brazilian prize for thesis about Memory, Museums and Cultural Heritage. Katia is researcher and professor at the Institute of Scientific and Technological Communication and Information in Health Graduate Program of ICICT/FIOCRUZ. In her academic career she has approached the following topics: memory, subjectivity, suffering, trauma, testimony, Holocaust, disease and media.