Paula Lebovics

Biographical Information about Paula Lebovics

BornSeptember 25, 1933
Ostrowiec (Kielce), Poland
Date of InterviewMarch 16, 1995
Location of InterviewCalifornia, U.S.A.
Length of Interview3:12:50
Ghetto(s)Ostrowiec (Kielce, Poland: Ghetto)
Camp(s)Auschwitz II-Birkenau (Poland: Death Camp)
Ostrowiec (Kielce, Poland: Concentration Camp
Other ExperiencesDisplaced persons camps
Refugee camps
Hiding or Living under False Identity (Location)Ostrowiec (Kielce), Poland
Types of Hiding PlacesFarms
Liberated bySoviet armed forces
Location of LiberationAuschwitz II-Birkenau (Poland: Death Camp)


Language: English