Shael Rosenbaum

Bridge to Future Generations

As the grandchild of four Holocaust survivors, Shael Rosenbaum, feels a duty to keep history’s flame from dimming so that the lessons of the past can remain alive and vibrant for the future. In addition to chairing the Sarah and Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre in Canada, he also served on USC Shoah Foundation’s Next Generation Council (NGC).

“My heritage was all-encompassing during my formative years which furthered my place as a bridge to future generations,” Rosenbaum says. The Institute’s mission attracted his support, he explains, because its staff and volunteers have “recorded the most pivotal moments in recent human history to share through such innovative ways as New Dimensions in Testimony and IWitness.”

Through the NGC, Rosenbaum feels privileged to work with peers and Institute leadership toward a common goal of increased tolerance across borders, ethnicities, and religions, helping young people identify with testimony in positive and empowering ways. “USC Shoah Foundation’s inspirational and dedicated professionals are unparalleled,” he says.

As the Institute’s resources grow and its international outreach expands, Rosenbaum believes that the memories preserved and messages imparted by the Institute will only grow in power. “The necessity of ‘never forgetting’ goes hand in hand with the focus of acceptance,” he says.