“Testimony, the act of telling one’s history, are the stories that teach us about human wonder — the wonder of survival, of resilience, and the importance of agency in telling one’s own story.”
About the Podcast
In 1994, Steven Spielberg founded USC Shoah Foundation with a goal to collect 50,000 testimonies of Holocaust survivors. That collection—now known as the Visual History Archive—has grown to include 55,000 interviews with survivors and witnesses of other genocides, from Armenia to Myanmar. In this new podcast, hosted by oral historian Stephen D. Smith and documentary storyteller Rachael Cerrotti, these testimonies will be explored, connections between strangers will be made, and conversations with scholars, academics, artists, creators, journalists and family members will dig into what makes these testimonies unique and what makes them universal, all while asking the question: What does it mean to inherit memory?
About Rachael Cerrotti

Rachael Cerrotti is the inaugural Storyteller in Residence for USC Shoah Foundation. She is an award-winning photographer, writer, educator and producer. In 2019, she released her critically-acclaimed narrative podcast, We Share The Same Sky, which tells the story of her decade-long journey to retrace her grandmother’s Holocaust survival story. It was listed as one of the best podcasts of 2019 by HuffPost, as a “Show We Love” by Apple Podcasts, and chosen as a Reader’s Pick by Vulture Magazine. Her memoir, also titled We Share The Same Sky, will be released in August 2021. Learn more about Rachael at www.rachaelcerrotti.com and her grandmother’s story at www.sharethesamesky.com.

About Dr. Stephen Smith

Dr. Stephen Smith is the Finci-Viterbi Executive Director of USC Shoah Foundation and holds the UNESCO Chair on Genocide Education. Smith has produced several documentary films. These include The Last Goodbye, an award-winning, virtual-reality film that transports viewers inside the Nazi death camp Majdanek, and The Girl and The Picture, an award-winning documentary that centers on a survivor of the 1937 Nanjing Massacre in China. Prior to taking the helm at USC Shoah Foundation, Smith founded the UK Holocaust Centre in England and cofounded the Aegis Trust for the prevention of crimes against humanity and genocide. He was also the inaugural Chairman of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, which runs the National Holocaust Memorial Day in the United Kingdom. Smith was the project director responsible for the creation of the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre in Rwanda and trustee of the South Africa Holocaust and Genocide Foundation.