The conference is “Legal Legacies of Genocide: From Nuremberg to the International Criminal Courts.” USC Shoah Foundation Executive Director Stephen Smith is one of the presenters.
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During the trials, she worked as a research analyst. Her command of the English and German languages made her an invaluable resource to the prosecution.
Women at Nuremberg, Nuremberg Trials, Jane Lester / Monday, March 26, 2018
As an interpreter at Nuremberg, Edith Coliver had a front-row seat to many historic moments, such as the testimony of Hermann Göring, creator of the Gestapo.
Edith Coliver, Nuremberg Trials, GAM / Wednesday, April 4, 2018
During a well-known case involving German industrialists who reaped enormous profits providing armaments to the Nazi regime with the help of slave labor at concentration camps, the defendants faced Cecelia Goetz -- the only woman ever to deliver an opening statement at the Nuremberg Trials.
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Belle Mayer of New York was a prosecutor on the team that tried I.G. Farben, one of Nazi Germany’s largest government contractors, which had a large stake in creating the Zyklon-B poison used in death-camp gas chambers.
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