Leo Abrami on the Nazi invasion of Paris

Leo Abrami describes the atmosphere right before the Nazis invaded Paris in 1940. He also recalls an anti-Semitic experience as a child at summer camp before the Nazi occupation.

Siranoush Boyajian on how quickly life changed

Armenian Genocide survivor Siranoush Boyajian describes her family’s life before deportation, followed by the painful, frightening transition out of such a peaceful life.

Daisy Biro on life in Hungary

Daisy Biro describes life in Budapest during WWII and how grateful she is that her entire immediate family survived.

Rena Bernstein on anti-Semitism after liberation

Rena Bernstein recalls life after liberation when her family migrated to Italy from Poland. Her father was a doctor at a polish orphanage and the family still experienced anti-Semitism.

Kizito Kalima on the refugee camp shortly after the genocide

June 20th is recognized by the United Nations as International Refugee Day to raise awareness of the plight of refugees around the world. Kizito Kalima, a survivor of the Rwandan Tutsi Genocide, remembers the makeshift refugee camp in the region shortly after the genocide.

Henry Joseph on deportations from Luxembourg

Henry Joseph describes the Nazi occupation of Luxembourg and then the later deporations of Jews in 1941.

Stephen Smith Gives Keynote at Holocaust Education Seminar in Israel

Tue, 06/16/2015 - 5:00pm
USC Shoah Foundation Executive Director Stephen Smith joined 25 educators and researchers from Israel and Europe for an expert seminar today on Holocaust education in the 21st century.