In this clip, Bertram Schaffner recounts a visit to Berlin in 1936 in which he attempts to approach another man in the park and learns about the danger such a meeting in public poses under Nazi rule.
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In just one week, the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival will showcase USC Shoah Foundation’s New Dimensions in Testimony project as an example of one of the most cutting-edge new technologies in storytelling and virtual reality.
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Edith Eger describes how she was made to dance for Dr. Josef Mengele during the selection upon her arrival at Auschwitz.
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In this clip, Dr. Bertram Schaffner reflects on how much he was aware of anti-homosexual persecution in Berlin under the Nazis during his stay in 1936.
gay, gay pride, paragraph 175, homosexual, Bertram Schaffner, Berlin, tcv, clip / Wednesday, June 1, 2016