Gerald Breslauer, Mickey Rutman, Tammy Anderson and Sharon De Greiff have provided the $100,000 gift to create the Breslauer, Rutman and Anderson Research Fellowship at the Center.
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Walter Berger describes his family and upbringing before the war began in Czechoslovakia. His brother, Sam, is the subject of the new book "Roses in a Forbidden Garden: A Holocaust Love Story," written by Sam's granddaughter Elise Garibaldi.
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Poland’s new right-wing government wants to change the way children in that country learn about the Holocaust, casting Poles as only victims or heroes. In this new narration, the Polish people were always helping the weak, were good neighbors and cared about minorities.
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Gabriel Krause recalls hearing about the Kielce Pogrom in 1946, Poland.
clip, male, jewish survivor, Gabriel Krause, Kielce / Monday, August 15, 2016
Malwina Moses describes how anti-Semitism continued in Poland after the war including the Keilce Pogrom in 1946.
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Rachel Huber remembers traveling through Poland after the end of the war and hearing about the killing of Jews, those who survived the Holocaust during the Kielce Pogrom in 1946.
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A collection of testimony clips of Holocaust survivors who remembering hearing about the pogrom in the Polish town of Kielce.  On July 4, 1946, mobs of Polish people attacked Jewish refugees and survivors returning to their homes after World War II had ended. In these testimony clips eyewitnesses recount the story of how over 40 Jewish people were murdered after they had already survived the Holocaust.  
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Polski nowy, prawicowy rząd chce zmienić sposób nauczania polskich uczniów o Zagładzie Żydów, kreując Polaków na wyłącznie ofiary lub bohaterów. W tej nowej narracji Polacy zawsze pomagali słabszym, byli dobrymi sąsiadami i dbali o mniejszości.
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Elise Garibaldi had heard her grandparents’ story of falling in love while surviving the Holocaust countless times throughout her life. With her new book Roses in a Forbidden Garden: A Holocaust Love Story, that story is now being shared with the world.
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