Jewish survivor Stefan Carter remembers a plastic surgery he had on his nose before the war ended, so that he would look less Semitic and be able to walk about more freely in Poland. This clip is part of the Visual History Archive's Freeman Family Foundation collection.
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Esther Clifford remembers the Kristallnacht pogrom including watching a local synagogue being destroyed.
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Luis Hernandez is currently a senior at the University of Southern California. He is pursuing a B.A. in communication, with minors in Film and News, Media and Society. Hernandez is also a communications intern for USC Shoah Foundation. After graduation in the spring Hernandez hopes to attend graduate school for documentary filmmaking.  
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Much like testimony shows how regimes have constructed borders; testimony demonstrates how individuals can construct bridges to connect with people of different beliefs and identities.
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Ukrainian educators can teach about the Roma using the Institute's resources and teacher's guides "Giving Memory a Future," "Encountering Memory," and "Where Do Human Rights Begin."
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