Holocaust survivor Hans Schönfrank describes his journey through France after the war with other refugee children. 
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Behind every education initiative, new testimony collection or research program at USC Shoah Foundation is the hard work of the administration department.
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USC Shoah Foundation Center for Advanced Genocide Research will host the international conference “A Conflict? Genocide and Resistance in Guatemala,” at the University of Southern California, Sept. 11-14, 2016. The scholars profiled in this series were each selected to present their research at the conference.Silvia Posocco, lecturer in the departments of Psychosocial Studies, and History and Philosophy at the University of London, will speak about the transnational movement of children from Guatemala to Europe during the 1980s at the conference.
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Holocaust rescuer/aid provider Bertram Schaeffner describes how gay people in Nazi Germany had to hide their relationships in public. They could be punished for speaking to each other on the street if they couldn't prove how they knew each other.
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Exploring Holocaust Remembrance throughout the International Community Moderated Discussion and Q&A with special guest Kathrin Meyer, PhD, Executive Secretary International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Friday, June 17, 2016 1:00pm – 2:00pm Leavey Library Auditorium (lower level)
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“Oskar Schindler saved my life but Steven Spielberg gave me a voice,” Holocaust survivor Celina Biniaz.
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Join USC Shoah Foundation for an informative conversation with International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA)’s Executive Secretary Kathrin Meyer, PhD, on Friday, June 17 in USC’s Leavey Library.
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Holocaust survivor Roslyn Goldofsky explains her conflicting feelings about being Jewish after the Holocaust.
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The Institute took the audience and jury prizes in the Alternative Realities Interactive categories for its New Dimensions in Testimony (NDT) project.
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Priscilla Hefley, a master’s student in the USC School of Social Work, knew she wanted to do research on trauma and its impact on the brain, but she had no idea where to start – until her professor Hazel Atuel suggested she look in USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive.
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USC Shoah Foundation presents 24 stories of genocide survivors who recall their experiences as refugees in their testimonies preserved in the Visual History Archive. Each clip of testimony to inspire, inform and shed light on the impact of war, genocide and massacre forcing individuals from their homes.  
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Jewish survivor Rita Kuhn discusses her interest in speaking with her Nazi cousin to learn a lot more about her experiences in the Holocaust. She says that her past did not exist to her until she openly discussed it in 1985, and she was finally able to share her experiences publicly in Berlin in 1988.
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Featuring Junior Intern Ruth Hernandez, the event raised nearly $100,000 for USC Shoah Foundation.
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Jewish survivor Fred Anstcherl talks about being boycotted by the Swiss Jews while living as refugees in Switzerland. The indigenous Jewish community believed the Austrian and German Jewish refugees would undermine their existence, and they did not want them in their country. The Quakers and other Christian groups were very kind to the refugees by contrast.
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Jewish survivor Ruth Bernard talks about being a Jewish refugee in Stotfold, England and the difficult physical conditions they endured to obtain basic things such as water, a kitchen, and school. She remembers the farmer that she stayed with couldn’t believe that she was Jewish because she looked so normal.
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Jewish survivor Ida Chait talks about her experience as a Jewish refugee in Komi, Russia and having to relocate to Samarkand in cattle cars on a journey that took over 30 days. She and her family had to live on the streets of Samarkand for 6 weeks, until her father was able to get a job as a tailor.
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Jewish survivor Fritz Schulmann fled to the Philippines from Nazi controlled Germany in 1939. Fritz remembers his life as a refugee in the coastal town Bacolod and reflects on the generosity of his German-Filipino landlord.
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Tutsi survivor Live Wesige describes how his life changed dramatically when living in a refugee camp in Goma. Coming from a privileged family, Wesige wasn’t prepared for the means of survival.
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Jewish survivor Susan Dregely, talks about her experience as a child in a displaced persons camp. She and the other children were able to create their own world among the many people still suffering.
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Armenian survivor Richard Ashton describes the difficult conditions he and his family endured as they made their way to a “Near East Relief” camp. They were relieved when they arrived, until they realized cholera had broken out and many people were dying.
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Jewish survivor Walter Joelson talks about his experience at Busserach, the refugee camp in Switzerland. He describes the difficult conditions he was forced to endure but says that he was simply happy to be free and not living in fear anymore. He also says that some of the Swiss people expressed kindness to him by supplying him with socks and other supplies.  
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Armenian survivor Garabed Der Minasian describes having to pack up and leave behind his home with his family when Turkish authorities had surrounded their town. With nowhere to go, Garabed and his family were forced to leave and survive on their own.
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Armenian Survivor Louis Genjian talks about his difficult journey alongside other Armenian refugees after leaving behind their homes. At night, Turkish men would come and steal young girls and children, never to be seen again. The refugees hardly slept at night and had to keep walking every day or be left behind.
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Armenian survivor Elise Taft remembers the Turkish soldiers telling the Armenian refugees that it was for their own safety to leave their homes. She was excited to ride on a train for the first time, but quickly realized how terrible the situation was.
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Jewish survivor Rolf Allan and his family settled in England during the war, after attempting to travel to Cuba on the St. Louis ship. They had very little with them and found it difficult to settle in, as they were not welcomed initially in England because they were German. 
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Jewish survivor Alfred Broch discusses the internment process that Jewish refugees underwent in England and the various categories of freedom they were given with levels A, B and C.
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Barbara Schubak explains what happened when she snuck back to her old house from the ghetto. Her longtime neighbors had moved in and refused to let her in, even though they had been friends for years.
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