Download video Download Host Kit   About Dr. Edith Eger Edith Eger was born in 1927 in Kosice, (then Czechoslovakia, later Hungary, now Slovakia) to Hungarian Jewish parents. She had two sisters.
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Download video Download Home Kit יוסף באו נולד ב 18- ביוני 1920 בקרקוב, שבפולין. כשהיה בן 18 התחיל ללמוד אמנות פלסטית באוניברסיטת קרקוב, אך מלחמת העולם השנייה קטעה את לימודיו. בתחילה הועבר יחד עם שאר יהודי העיר לגטו קרקוב ולאחר מכן למחנה הריכוז פלאשוב, במחנה זה הכיר את אשתו רבקה והם התחתנו בסתר בתוך מחנה הנשים.
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Download video Download Host Kit   About Yehudah Bakon Yehudah Bakon was born in Moravska Ostrava (Czechoslovakia) on July 28, 1929.
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Kurt describes liberating survivors of a death march in May 1945, in Volary, Czechoslovakia, including his first encounter with his future wife, Gerda. Kurt Klein was born July 2, 1920, in Walldorf, Germany. As the Nazi persecution of German Jews intensified, Kurt’s parents decided to send him and his siblings to live with distant relatives in Buffalo, New York, where he worked in various jobs, including the printing business, trying to raise enough money to bring his parents to the United States. Kurt was drafted into the United States Army in 1943.
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Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 1:00 PM PT | 4:00 PM ET
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In partnership with organizations in the United States and Israel, the USC Shoah Foundation began collecting testimony from survivors of the Hamas attacks of October 7, 2023, just weeks after they occurred. These testimonies will be preserved and made available to the public as part of the Visual History Archive’s Countering Antisemitism Through Testimony Collection, which documents antisemitism after 1945.
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In October 1942, when deportations from the Warsaw ghetto paused, more than 20 youth groups and underground units coalesced into a united front. Vladka Meed channeled her despair at losing her family into fighting the Nazis.
/ Tuesday, March 12, 2024
The USC Shoah Foundation has partnered with the National Library of Israel to provide Israelis with the first countrywide access to the Institute's entire Visual History Archive, including testimonies from more than 52,000 Holocaust survivors and hundreds of survivors of the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks.
/ Monday, March 4, 2024
Samuel Clowes Huneke, author of the award-winning States of Liberation: Gay Men between Dictatorship and Democracy in Cold War Germany, uncovers stories about queer women during the Third Reich—their treatment in society and opportunities to resist.
/ Tuesday, March 12, 2024
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Dr. Magda Teter, Professor of History and the Shvidler Chair of Judaic Studies at Fordham University, is a scholar of early modern history, specializing in Jewish history, Jewish-Christian relations, cultural, legal, and social history, as well as the history of transmission of historical knowledge in the premodern and modern periods. Dr.
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In 2018, USC Shoah Foundation launched an initiative to address requests from survivors who, for complex and often very personal reasons, could not come forward in the 1990s. Since the start of COVID, the foundation has received more than 400 requests from survivors to record their testimonies. We believe there are thousands more who want to tell their stories.
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One morning in 1978, Theary Seng awoke alongside her younger brother in their prison cell in Boeng Rai Security Center, about 100 kilometers south of their hometown of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The children’s mother had been in the cell the night before, but now she was gone.
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The USC Shoah Foundation, USC Casden Institute, and USC Hillel held a panel discussion in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
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With anti-Jewish rhetoric and violence on the rise around the world, the USC Shoah Foundation this fall launches the Daniel and Marisa Klass USC Shoah Foundation Lecture Series, focusing this year on Antisemitism where leading scholars will guide audiences through the latest research and explore a diversity of approaches to understanding and combating the current upsurge.
/ Tuesday, August 22, 2023
Dr. Anna Hájková, pioneer of queer Holocaust history, will discuss why including queer narratives is crucial to developing a deeper understanding of Nazi persecution and societal resistance.
/ Tuesday, March 12, 2024
Fled her home in Kfar Aza with her four-week-old daughter on October 7. (00:47:28)
/ Tuesday, March 19, 2024
Hid in the bushes for hours at the Nova music festiva,l where 360 people were killed by Hamas. (00:48:25)
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Hogan’s Heroes actor and Holocaust survivor and educator. (02:00:27)
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