Funding Opportunities

It is our pleasure to provide a list of priority funding opportunities as a resource for our philanthropic community. The list below aligns with the Institute’s strategic priorities and programmatic offerings in 2018 and beyond.

Forever Fund

Since 1994, USC Shoah Foundation has preserved the memories and experiences of more than 55,000 survivors of many of history’s darkest moments—the Holocaust, Nanjing Massacre, and genocides in Armenia, Cambodia, Guatemala and Rwanda. These brave eyewitnesses shared their stories to ensure a better future and today it is our responsibility to not only continue safeguarding these testimonies but to make them accessible around the globe to educate both current and future generations.

To accomplish this goal, we established the Forever Fund, a lasting source of financial security that guarantees the preservation of survivor testimonies and their integration in our dynamic education platforms. The Forever Fund ensures that with every technological innovation, testimony will not only continue to be available, but will uniquely engage the public through powerful tools and platforms such as IWitness, IWitness 360, and Dimensions in Testimony.

Your gift of $3,000 to the Forever Fund supports this vital purpose and permanently connects you to the testimony most meaningful to you and your loved ones. Every gift to the Forever Fund supports USC Shoah Foundation’s endowment—a lasting source of funding that guarantees the protection and accessibility of archived testimonies in perpetuity. To learn more about how you can create a lasting legacy through the Forever Fund, please click here to share your information. Otherwise, feel free to contact or call (213) 740 – 5632 for additional details.

Stronger Than Hate

Galvanizing teachers, students, and policy makers to overcome hate in America, Stronger Than Hate provides education, training and resources. The initiative will draw on the 55,000 testimonies in the Institute’s Visual History Archive®, who provide ample warning of the link between ideological group hatred and genocidal violence. Over the coming school year, Stronger than Hate will place USC Shoah Foundation in the vanguard of forces working to create a climate of inclusivity and respect across the nation. For more information about supporting Stronger Than Hate, please contact Andrea Waldron at or 213-740-6051.

Preserving the Legacy

USC Shoah Foundation is expanding the Visual History Archive® to include new testimonies recorded by the Institute, and testimonies taken and owned by other organizations, through a program called Preserving the Legacy. The program will digitize, index and integrate testimonies to preserve and make them accessible to scholars, students, educators and the general public. In the case of outside testimonies, partner organizations will retain ownership of their materials and the testimonies will be viewable in the Archive. Preserving the Legacy empowers genocide survivors and witnesses by sharing their stories with the world and joining the 55,000 individuals already in the Archive. For more information about supporting Preserving the Legacy, please contact Andrea Waldron at or 213-740-6051.

Countering Antisemitism Through Testimony

Antisemitism impacts real people every day. To mitigate the impact of antisemitism, USC Shoah Foundation is documenting direct experiences and using those stories as a means to contribute to building a civil society. Countering Antisemitism Through Testimony’s goal is to personalize, document, analyze and humanize the experience of historical and current antisemitism through new testimony collections, education, research and outreach. Targeting schools and universities across the United States and Europe, the program aims to gain an understanding of antisemitism’s ongoing human impact and the ways in which it can be countered. To support the program, please contact Jayne Perilstein at or 213-814-9015.

Global Headquarters at Leavey Library

Named gifts are lasting reminders to future generations of the remarkable contributions by USC Shoah Foundation’s most generous donors, families and partners. For this reason, we are pleased to offer numerous naming opportunities within our Global Headquarters. USC Shoah Foundation welcomes the opportunity to honor those whose generous philanthropic support make possible the construction of the Institute’s new state-of-the-art headquarters at the Leavey Library on the USC campus. Through these extraordinary gifts, our supporters continue to demonstrate their commitment and dedication to creating a more tolerant world through testimony. For more information about supporting the Global Headquarters, please contact Andrea Waldron at or 213-740-6051.