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70 Stories of Auschwitz

Day 6 of 70 Days of Testimony: Victor Schnell on Arriving to Auschwitz

Language: English

Jehovah's Witness Survivor, Victor Schnell recalls arriving to Auschwitz and the camp intake procedures including being stripped of his clothing and forced to wear a striped uniform. This is the sixth testimony clip in the series 70 Days of Testimony: Leading up to the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz.

  • "Concentration Camps" or "Labor Camps" were facilities in which people were incarcerated on the basis of their political and/or religious beliefs or ethnicity, usually without regard to due process.

  • This theme focuses on how the Nazis forced large numbers of Jews into restricted housing areas, often enforced with walls, fences, and/or guard towers. Movement in and out of the ghettos was strictly controlled and violation was punishable by death.

  • These testimony segments focus on physical concealment (as an individual or part of a family) to avoid ghettoization, incarceration, deporation, or other forms of persecution

  • These testimony segments focus on descriptions of home life, family events, religious observances, and education before the occurrence of genocide.