Al’fred Shraer on Bronica Forest Massacres

Located northwest of Drohobycz in the Lwów voivoship in Poland (after the war Drogobych, Ukraine), the Bronica Forest was the site of massacres of the local Jewish population by the Nazis in 1942 -1943. The Jews were taken from the Drohobycz ghetto to the Bronica forest to be killed until the closing of the ghetto in June 1943.

Nearly 11,000 Jews were killed on that site, including Al’fred Shraer’s mother and maternal grandfather. He speaks in Ukrainian about the history of the monument standing on the site and explains how the executions took place.

A recent New York Times article Shedding Light on a Vast Toll of Jews Killed Away from the Death Camps, details the increasing attention historians are paying to the forests, villages, streets and other sites where Holocaust victims were executed and then buried in vast, unmarked graves.

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