Digital Conference: Day 1 Panel 4

Chair: Cyrus Shahabi, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Spatial Sciences, USC

  • Alberto Giordano (Texas State University, Geography)
    "The Expanded Potential of GIS for the Study of the Holocaust"
  • Anne Kelly Knowles (University of Maine, History), Paul B. Jaskot (Duke University, Art History), Justus Hillebrand (University of Maine, History)
    "GIS and Corpus Linguistics: Mixed Digital Methods for the Exploration of Forced Labor in Krakow District Ghettos"
  • Tim Cole (University of Bristol, History), Alberto Giordano (Texas State University, Geography)
    "GIS and Corpus Linguistics: Ghetto Space and the Place of the Ghetto in Budapest"
  • Maël LeNoc (Texas State University, Geography)
    "Using GIS to study family arrests and separations during the Holocaust in Italy"