Moises Flasterstein on Giving Testimony

English Translation: “If I made the decision to speak is because I think -- not just for me since it is very difficult [to speak] and I thought about it but not for long-- because I believe that like me, all those who went through the Holocaust should not remain silent. We must speak for the sake of future generations and to prevent this from happening again. And we are not so far from it because, lately, skinheads [Neo-Nazis] are lifting their heads. It is also being said that what we are telling is happening only in the movies, such as in Schindler's List. A montage assembled by the Jews. It is all a lie. It is because of this that I decided to speak. That is why I beg all those who were in the Shoah, in the Holocaust, not to remain silent. That they raise their voices for the world to hear. Don't forget what happened so as to prevent it from happening again. Thank you.”