Scheine María Sara Rus

English Translation: “Yes, it was very difficult to carry on with my life after my husband’s death and after my son disappeared. But, I must say that I never lost my will to live even after having suffered so much, having lived through a war as I did. However, to see myself now surrounded with so much love, my daughter, my son-in-law and my two granddaughters, I never feel down. I have always been willing to help others not to feel left out. Friends who were in my situation, I used to be their psychologist by telling them my story, my life and that I am alive and will not stop fighting to the last. If I can recover something of my son, which I do not think I will, I hope the disaster we suffered during the war and what happened to my son will not happen again. Because it is my wish to be able to live in a better world. It is what I aspire to the most.”