Speaking About Sexuality: Male Jewish Intimacy and Agency in Oral History Interviews
A Lecture by Florian Zabransky, 2020-2021 Margee and Douglas Greenberg Research Fellow

In this lecture from April 6, 2021, Florian Zabransky focuses on two sites of genocidal violence: namely ghettos created by the Germans in occupied Poland and the Soviet Union, and partisan warfare. In his research, Florian Zabransky seeks to excavate the particular intimate experience of male Jews and addresses the following questions: How is intimacy narrated in the oral history interviews? How were relationships negotiated in the ghettos and among the partisans? Which social dynamics, traditional gender roles, hierarchies and power relations become evident? How are queer relations narrated in the interviews? And finally, in the interview itself, how do the interviewer and interviewee talk about intimacy?

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