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Inspired by Testimony

Charlotte Adelman on Yiddish Culture

Charlotte Adelman reflects on the challenge of having to learn French in school after speaking only Yiddish in her home. However, she still remembers and even sings a Yiddish song that she learned as a child. (Pictured Charlotte and her parents in Paris 1938)


Inspired by Testimony

Gerda Klein on forced labor

Gerda Klein reflects on daily life while imprisoned in the Merzdorf concentration camp a subsidiary camp of Gross Rosen. She describes her forced labor making textiles and also working alongside German citizens. Pictured: Entrance of Gross- Rosen concentration camp.


Inspired by Testimony

Coenraad Rood reflects on the importance of tolerance

Holocaust survivor Coenraad Rood relayed a message to the future in his USC Shoah Foundation testimony: "Don't ever hate each other. ... If you cannot love each other, at least respect each other." This week, as we grieve for the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, his wisdom resonates.

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