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Rosalina Tuyuc's Message to the Future
Rosalina Tuyuc's Message to the Future
Paulina Bohorodzaner

Paulina Bohorodzaner remembers the beginning of her working life in Chile, her adaptation to a new culture with her husband and the start of their new business.

Eva Klein

Eva Klein remembers how she felt towards Chile and their citizens who welcomed her when she arrived to the country in 1947.

Alfred Fischer

Alfred Fischer remembers his voyage through different countries before arriving and settling in Chile with his wife Herta Eisenreich, also a Holocaust survivor.

Inge Sack de Kord

Inge Sack de Kord describes what she and her family went through during the years of war to obtain visas to leave Europe while her father was at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

Scheine María Sara Rus

English Translation: “Yes, it was very difficult to carry on with my life after my husband’s death and after my son disappeared. But, I must say that I never lost my will to live even after having suffered so much, having lived through a war as I did. However, to see myself now surrounded with so much love, my daughter, my son-in-law and my two granddaughters, I never feel down. I have always been willing to help others not to feel left out. Friends who were in my situation, I used to be their psychologist by telling them my story, my life and that I am alive and will not stop fighting to the last. If I can recover something of my son, which I do not think I will, I hope the disaster we suffered during the war and what happened to my son will not happen again. Because it is my wish to be able to live in a better world. It is what I aspire to the most.”

Rosalina Tuyuc's Message to the Future

English Translation: “The great thing is that all this violence did not take everything away from us because we still have life—a lot of knowledge. At times we learn to survive when surrounded by death. And our greatest contribution is to tell all people, no matter where in the world, that war is no good. In all wars it is always a question of business, of power, of crushing the weaker, the helpless. It is for them that I wish that no family, no people or any other town should consider weapons as the only option. Rather, the option to live is our word, our work. It is also our commitment to continue to work to live life.”

Moises Flasterstein on Giving Testimony

English Translation: “If I made the decision to speak is because I think -- not just for me since it is very difficult [to speak] and I thought about it but not for long-- because I believe that like me, all those who went through the Holocaust should not remain silent. We must speak for the sake of future generations and to prevent this from happening again. And we are not so far from it because, lately, skinheads [Neo-Nazis] are lifting their heads. It is also being said that what we are telling is happening only in the movies, such as in Schindler's List. A montage assembled by the Jews. It is all a lie. It is because of this that I decided to speak. That is why I beg all those who were in the Shoah, in the Holocaust, not to remain silent. That they raise their voices for the world to hear. Don't forget what happened so as to prevent it from happening again. Thank you.”

Manfred Stein's Message to the Future

English Translation: “Always remember what happened. Don't ever forget it, even if it starts becoming just part of history. Don't ever forget and, hopefully, that it will never happen again. Even though the world sees that it is not happening against the Jews, Genocide is still taking place—as in Serbia, in Rwanda. The world does not learn as seen with the recent rebirth of Nazism with the skinheads in Germany. Hopefully, there won't be people denying the Holocaust and people claiming that the existence of gas chambers in Auschwitz- Birkenau was invented by the Jews. This is what is so sad in regards to this issue.”