Holocaust survivor Panni Relle on September 9, 2019, in Toronto, Ontario.

USC Shoah Foundation continues to record interviews with Holocaust survivors as part of the Last Chance Testimony Collection Initiative, an urgent effort to give voice to survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust with the goal of educating people around the globe. Testimonies are saved and shared through our Visual History Archive and programs worldwide.

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Joe Adamson

Joe Adamson gave testimony through the Last Chance initiative in in October 2020, just a year before he passed away. His interview will be saved and shared through the Visual History Archive as a source of learning, remembrance and inspiration.

Importance of Contemporary Testimonies

Recording a new collection of contemporary Holocaust survivor testimonies serves as an important bridge across generations. Firsthand accounts of survivors will give insight into their time before, during, and after the Holocaust, including living through the pandemic, contemporary antisemitism, racism, and other identity-hate violence. This shared contemporary experience with current audiences and updated perspective will spark connections and lasting impact.

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