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“Schindler’s List” Education Partners

USC Shoah Foundation, with its Stronger Than Hate initiative and award-winning IWitness website, offers multimedia learning opportunities based on the personal accounts of eyewitness Holocaust survivors who were saved by Oskar Schindler.

Facing History and Ourselves helps students learn about hatred and bigotry so they can stop them from happening in the future. They will offer a digital Schindler’s List study guide and other multimedia resources, along with online and in-person professional learning opportunities, to support educators using the film in the classroom. You can find more information and sign up to get email alerts about the guide release and professional development events here .

Echoes & Reflections, a partnership between ADL, USC Shoah Foundation, and Yad Vashem, is dedicated to reshaping the way that teachers and students understand, process, and navigate the world through the events of the Holocaust. The Holocaust is more than a historical event; it’s part of the larger human story. Educating students about its significance is a great responsibility. We partner with educators to help them introduce students to the complex themes of the Holocaust and to understand its lasting effect on the world.

Discovery Education is the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms with services that are available in approximately half of U.S. classrooms, 50% of all primary schools in the UK, and more than 50 countries around the globe.

Journeys in Film uses the power of film to give our next generation a richer understanding of our diverse and complex world. We offer a standards-based curriculum to deepen students’ knowledge of the context in which Nazism arose, how Hitler established his racial policies; past and current antisemitism; and the role of Oskar Schindler. After studying the techniques Spielberg used in creating his masterpiece, students may make mini-documentaries to help them understand that heroes are ordinary people who make the right choice.

Stronger Than Hate: Schindler’s List Legacy and Future

Since its founding by Steven Spielberg in 1994 following his experience filming Schindler’s List, USC Shoah Foundation has made it possible for those who experienced genocidal hate to share their stories, a crucial step toward everlasting change. USC Shoah Foundation builds and deploys groundbreaking, testimony-based programs, using its Visual History Archive® of more than 55,000 eyewitness testimonies to educate young people about the consequences of hatred, while giving actionable tools to teachers to combat these ideologies. Combined efforts reach all 50 states and millions of people a year on six continents. Learn more about Stronger Than Hate.