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November 8, 2012: Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda spoke at the institute's Sexual Violence Against Women During the Holocaust Symposium, co-sponsored by Equality Now. Ms.
Jane Fonda, event, reading, performance, presentation / Monday, July 29, 2013
Jewish Holocaust Survivor Eva Abraham Podietz went to school as usual during the Kristallnacht Pogrom only to be sent right home again. On her way home, she encountered Nazi youths. Gender: FemaleDOB: May 22, 1927City of birth: HamburgCountry of birth: GermanyGhettos: NoFled Nazi Occupied Territory: Yes  
kristallnacht, pogrom, female, clip, Eva Abraham-Podietz / Sunday, May 5, 2013
January 18, 2012: Resistance during the Holocaust is still mostly seen in terms of organized or armed group activities, yet this perspective overlooks individual acts of opposition. Up to now, the availability of sources for analyzing the behavior of German Jews has been limited. Historians used reports originated by the Nazi state and/or written post-war testimonies. In those sources individual acts of opposition barely emerge. However, a closer analysis of the micro level of Nazi society challenges the common image of German Jews as passive victims.
presentation / Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Jewish Holocaust SurvivorInterview language: CzechVěra's mother was Otylie, Franz Kafka's sister. But the family never knew what a famous writer Franz would become many years after his death.
clip, subtitled, female, jewish survivor, franz kafka, writer / Friday, May 24, 2013
Jewish Holocaust Survivor Jacob Wiener recalls being taunted by his classmates during the Kristallnacht Pogrom. Gender: MaleDOB: March 25, 1917City of birth: BremenCountry of birth: GermanyGhettos: NoWent into hiding: NoFled Nazi-occupied Territory: Yes  
kristallnacht, pogrom, male, clip, Jacob Wiener / Sunday, May 5, 2013
This video focuses on the theme of diplomats and rescue and relates some of the best-known cases of aid provided by consulates and embassies including the efforts of Aristides de Sousa Mendes, Raoul Wallenberg, and Chiune Sugihara. Diplomats in countries throughout Europe helped Jews escape persecution by issuing visas and other travel paperwork that allowed Jews to flee Nazi-occupied territory. Featured in the video are the testimonies of Israel Kipen, Per Anger, and Henri Deutsch who recount their personal experiences of rescue during the Holocaust.
unesco, rescue, wallenberg, sugihara, holocaust, clip reel, clip / Friday, February 1, 2013
Jewish Holocaust Survivor Mr. Strauss remembers the observance of Shabbat in Buchenwald as a form of spiritual resistance. The prisoners continued to chant the Jewish prayers even under the threat of death.
religion, religious, observance, shabbat, shabbos, clip, male, Manfred Strauss / Sunday, May 5, 2013
Jewish Holocaust SurvivorInterview language: HungarianÉva explains how she survived a roundup of Jews by Hungary’s Arrow Cross party members in Budapest in winter 1944. A young Hungarian Nazi came to take Eva, but spared her at the last minute due to Eva's father's quick thinking. Years after the war, she encountered the man again, this time as a high-ranking political police officer in then-Communist Hungary.
clip, subtitled, female, jewish survivor, arrow cross, sports / Friday, May 24, 2013
Jewish Holocaust SurvivorInterview language: ItalianPiero Terracina recalls January 1945 in Auschwitz II-Birkenau, where he witnessed SS guards leaving the camp. Upon their return, he was forced to participate in a death march where he managed to escape his wardens and seek refuge in Auschwitz I. On January 27, 1945, he recalls the first arrival of the Soviet armed forces in the camp and describes the first inmates' reaction to the liberators.
clip, subtitled, auschwitz, liberation, male, jewish survivor / Friday, May 24, 2013
Jewish Holocaust SurvivorInterview language: PortugueseIn 1944, Augusta Glaz was interrogated for 5 days by the Gestapo in Brussels, Belgium, where she was brutally treated. She was then taken to the Mechelen Concentration Camp, also known as Malines, where she was placed in an underground bunker built especially for female political prisoners. There, she remained for 30 days.
clip, subtitled, female, partisan, jewish survivor, résistance, mechelen / Friday, May 24, 2013