Yehudit Sadeh on recovering after her liberation from Auschwitz

Shortly after the Germans fled Auschwitz, well-meaning Russian liberators provided food to children. Tragically, some would die from eating too quickly. Yehudit Sadeh was suffering from dysentery, which proved fortuitous because it prevented her from eating. She describes how a doctor took pains to nurse her back to health until she could walk again and catch a transport back to Czechoslovakia. 

Shaul Hazan on being a Sonderkommando

Shaul Hazan, who worked as a Sonderkommando at Auschwitz, describes what he witnessed at the crematoriums. He details not only the gruesome cleanup, but also the process the Nazis used to administer the gas.

Edgar Wildfeuer about forced labor in Auschwitz

Edgar Wildfeuer of Argentina speaks of his forced labor assignment in carpentry for the Deutsche Ausrüstungswerke (DAW) Corporation in Auschwitz.

Kitty Hart-Moxon

Kitty Hart-Moxon recalls being able to see Crematorium 4 from her barracks window at Auschwitz II-Birkenau.

Miriam Ziegler on reuniting with other survivors

Miriam Ziegler recalls how she reunited with other Holocaust survivors after she immigrated to Toronto. She also reflects on the famous photo of herself and other the children of Auschwitz photographed by Russian liberators.

Martin Baranek on the Sinti Roma in Auschwitz

Martin Baranek describes how a group of Sinti Roma inmates were cleared out of the barracks to make room for the group of Jewish inmates of which he was a part.

Howard Chandler on his experience in Auschwitz

Howard Chandler was enlisted by a Kapo guard to steal items from the train after new arrivals had been dropped off. He describes what happens to him when other guards catch him with contraband. 

Paula Lebovics remembers a caring action from Soviet Liberator

Paula Lebovics speaks on the liberation of Auschwitz as a child and remembers feeling cared for, the first time in her life.

Roman Kent on arriving at Auschwitz

Roman Kent describes the moment the cattle car door’s opened and the utter chaos of arriving to Auschwitz.

Eva Kor on her experience with Josef Mengele

Eva Kor and her twin sister Miriam were experimented on by infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. She describes how one experiment had nearly killed her but she promised herself she would survive.