Dario Gabbai on being a Sonderkommando

Dario Gabbai recalls his experiences as a Sonderkommando in Auschwitz II-Birkenau. He was forced to usher people into gas chambers, and then haul out the bodies, take them to the crematorium, and clean up the room for the next group of victims.

Branko Lustig on returning to Auschwitz for a film shoot

Branko Lustig, producer of Schindler’s List and our 50,000th interviewee in the Visual History Archive; recalls returning to Auschwitz during the filming of the TV mini-series War and Remembrance. Branko also describes how important it is not only to remember the Holocaust but also for future generations to learn from it.

Emerich Fuchs

Emerich Fuchs remembers how, upon arriving at Auschwitz, he saw families together on the premises, leading him and other new arrivals to believe that their own families would be able to stay intact.

Susan Pollack

Susan Pollack recalls what it was like to be selected for life or death by Dr. Josef Mengele in cursory fashion.

Lilly Tykocinski Butnick

Lilly Tykocinski Butnick talks about the ordeal she was forced to endure when she first arrived at Auschwitz.

Jack Rosenthal

Jack Rosenthal remembers his arrival at Auschwitz, where he was separated from his family. He and other prisoners did not know they were targeted for death, so they wrote their addresses on the bundles the guards took from them.

Max Schindler
Israel Arbeiter

Israel Arbeiter discusses how he pretended to be an auto mechanic to trick guards into giving him a work assignment at Auschwitz so he could get food and live another day.

Arek Herszlikowicz

Arek Herszlikowicz made a split-second decision after getting off the train that surely saved his life.

For Sarah, it begins with teaching with testimony

Australian teacher Sarah Warby describes the profound impact teaching with Holocaust survivor testimony has, especially for one student who changed his life for the better.