Subtitled Clips of Testimony in Multiple Languages Show the Depth of Experience in the Institute's Archive

Fri, 01/13/2012 - 12:00am
Used extensively in Europe and Latin America.

The Institute now offers short clips subtitled in English through its website, providing a chance to hear and understand witnesses who gave the Institute their testimony in their native language.  Currently represented are clips in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Czech, and Russian.  The Institute will continue to expand the range of languages represented in its library of clips, which can be accessed on its International landing page.

The nearly 52,000 testimonies in the Institute's archive represent 32 languages, and more than half of them are not in English.  After English, Russian is the most common language spoken by witnesses in their testimonies, followed by Hebrew.  More statistics about the Institute's archive.

The Institute's educational work outside of the United States has made extensive use of these testimonies as resources for teacher training and curriculum development throughout Europe and Latin America.  For an English-speaking audience, the short clips demonstrate a depth of experience found in the archive that runs across several languages.