The landscape of survivors' stories: Google Maps enhances testimony search engine

Thu, 01/24/2013 - 12:16pm

The Institute has updated its Visual History Archive (VHA), which now integrates Google Maps for a new way to search the testimonies.

"Places Search" allows users to enter a geographic location or place name in Google Maps and view search results represented by nodes on the map. For example, entering the word "Stalingrad" (pictured below) generates a map of the location along with the number of testimonies associated with it, longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates, and historical information. Users at VHA sites can then watch the associated testimonies instantly. Searchable locations include continents, islands, mountains and mountain ranges, bodies of water, forests, and regions; countries, states, cities, and administrative units; installations and buildings, detention complexes, and other sites.

"Places Search" is also built into the VHA Online, a website that lets researchers locate and request testimonies and view a limited number of testimonies over the Web.