Kori Street, Director of Education, Presents at Association of Holocaust Organizations Conference in China

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 3:30pm

Holocaust and genocide experts and representatives from Holocaust organizations around the world are gathering in China this week for the 2013 Association of Holocaust Organizations (AHO) conference. USC Shoah Foundation’s director of education, Kori Street, will present a session called “Global Testimony-Based Education.”

AHO is an international network for the advancement of Holocaust education, remembrance and research founded in 1985. Members include scholars and organizations such as Holocaust museums and education centers from around the world. AHO hosts conferences and seminars throughout the year.

The conference in China will feature presentations about a wide range of topics, including Jewish history in China, Holocaust education, collection of Holocaust documents and records, and China during World War II. Attendees will also tour historical and cultural sites in Harbin and Shanghai.

USC Shoah Foundation’s award-winning educational website IWitness provides students access to 1,300 full life testimonies of survivors and other witness of the Holocaust and other genocides from the Visual History Archive. IWitness also includes multimedia activities and a built-in video editor. Forty-four sites around the world, mainly museums and universities, have full access to the 52,000 testimonies in the Visual History Archive.