News for 2013

加利福尼亚洛杉矶 2013年12月13日  南加州大学纳粹屠犹基金会与侵华日军南京大屠杀遇难同胞纪念馆展开历史性的合作,为1937年南京大屠杀最后的幸存者保留证言。新的证言旨在构建起完整的个人生活史,包括他们在南京大屠杀之前和之后的社会文化生活。1937年12月13日,侵华日军占领了当时中国的首都南京,在近两个月时间内杀害了平民与大量解除武装的中国士兵达30万人以上。



/ Wednesday, December 11, 2013

“Time heals all wounds,” they say.

It’s difficult to find any other element in our daily lives that possesses the sobering effect that time does. It tames emotions and calms nerves. It allows for much needed reflection and analysis. And, perhaps most importantly, it brings with it resolution and closure. By any account, a century would be more than enough time to heal even the deepest wound, but, surprisingly, time’s impact isn’t always as thorough as we’d expect it to be.

/ Tuesday, December 10, 2013

French film director Claude Lanzmann spoke candidly about his latest film, The Last of the Unjust, at a USC School of Cinematic Arts screening hosted by USC Shoah Foundation Tuesday night.

/ Tuesday, December 10, 2013

USC Shoah Foundation associate director of research Dan Leshem and former Institute Fellow Jeffrey Shandler will lead a seminar about video interviews of Holocaust survivors at the Association for Jewish Scholars (AJS) conference next week.

/ Monday, December 9, 2013

Aegis Trust Rwanda, The Institute of Research and Dialogue for Peace, Radio La Benevolencija and USC Shoah Foundation - the Institute for Visual History and Education are joining forces to launch a peace-building and education program in Rwanda.

/ Monday, December 9, 2013

Growing up, it wasn’t terribly unusual to see people in our house with telltale tattoos on their arms.

We kids somehow knew what those blurry inked numbers meant, but we also knew it wasn’t polite to ask about them. And so, I never did. And honestly, no one in my family had been so marked — the people with tattoos were mostly friends of my grandparents — so it wasn’t something I had a lot of interest in hearing about. And perhaps in an effort to protect our innocence, family elders showed no interest in talking about it.

/ Sunday, December 8, 2013

French educators are attending a Teaching with Testimony in the 21st Century workshop today and tomorrow to learn about IWitness and using testimony in the classroom.

/ Sunday, December 8, 2013

Secondary school students across France are hard at work on their entries for the 2013-2014 National Contest on Resistance and Deportation – and many of them are drawing inspiration from USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive

/ Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sid Shachnow has two Silver Stars, three Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts -- and that's just for his service in Vietnam, where he led his troops with courage and distinction.

“There was no room for conscience,” he confides when discussing his 39 years of military service. “Once I was face to face with a Viet Cong. I had him in my sights as he ran toward me. He dropped his weapon and veered left. I did not pull the trigger. I still do not know if I did the right thing. My conscience got in the way.”

/ Thursday, December 5, 2013

Czech educators are gathering at the Academy of Sciences in Prague today to attend a conference dedicated to the "Ours or Foreign? Jews in the Czech 20th Century" project from the Jewish Museum of Prague.

/ Wednesday, December 4, 2013