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Educators Participating in Free Echoes and Reflections Webinar

Educators who have registered for December’s two-part Echoes and Reflections webinar have until Monday, Dec. 15 to complete Part II. The webinar provides in-depth instruction for educators about using the multimedia guide in their classrooms to teach about the Holocaust.

Echoes and Reflections is a multimedia professional development program for secondary school teachers in the United States that provides them with accurate and authentic Holocaust information for their classrooms.  Programs are held around the country at no cost to teachers or schools, and participants receive a complimentary copy of the 10-part Teacher’s Resource Guide that equips them with the tools they need to help today’s students study the Holocaust as a significant event in human history.

Echoes and Reflections combines the resources and competencies of three world leaders in education―the Anti-Defamation League’s experience in curriculum and professional development, access to USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive of survivor and witness testimonies and digital educational tools, and Yad Vashem’s historical expertise and primary source materials―resulting in the most comprehensive Holocaust education program available.

In the two-part webinar, participants learn and engage with best practices for teaching the Holocaust, the content of Echoes and Reflections’ comprehensive Teacher’s Resource Guide and an array of multimedia components, including visual history testimonies from USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual              History Archive seamlessly integrated into each lesson.

Part I was held Dec. 3 and moderated by USC Shoah Foundation education staff Brandon Haas and Lesly Culp. Participants learned how to integrate Echoes and Reflections modules into Common Core State Standards, pedagogical strategies for using audiovisual testimony in the classroom, and a sample lesson.

Part II is not moderated and participants can complete it at their own pace any time by Dec. 15. They are guided through an exploration of a sample lesson and investigation of the Echoes and Reflections and IWitness websites. It should take about 90 minutes to complete. Upon completion, each educator will receive a free copy of the Echoes and Reflections Teacher’s Resource Guide.