PANT Civic Association Features Testimony in Educational Resource “Shared Borders, Shared Stories”

Wed, 01/07/2015 - 5:00pm

“Shared Borders, Shared Stories,” an audiovisual resource for educators in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, examines pieces of shared history connected with stories of refugees, escapees, anti-Nazi resistance and liberation in the region, beyond the national borders of today. Its Phase One results were just made available to the educators on the PANT civic association’s Modern History website

Six video segments made of Visual History Archive testimony clips in different languages were enhanced by relevant contextual material and translated into Czech, Polish and Hungarian in cooperation of PANT civic association in Czech Republic and USC Shoah Foundation, with financial support from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).

The “Shared Borders, Shared Stories” project was developed after an expert meeting held in June in Ostrava. It examines the possibilities of using testimony to engage educators in teaching the history of the Holocaust as well as in education towards responsible citizenship, combating stereotypical national narratives and hatred by presenting materials that are locally and regionally relevant. 

The six videos cover different chronological moments of regional history and address the specific topics of: Polish occupation of the Těšín region, escapes to Poland as a place of safe refuge, escapes from Poland to Hungary as a place of safe refuge, Warnings, Liberation in Czechoslovakia and the Fates of the Roma. Resources in Czech, Polish and Hungarian contain historical and geographical context as well as biographies of the witnesses. A reference English version of the videos was created as well.

View resources in Polish, Hungarian and Czech at the links below:


Polska okupacja ziemi cieszyńskiej
Ucieczki do Polski
Z Polski na Węgry
Wyzwoleni w Czechosłowacji
Losy Romów



Teschen (Těšín) lengyel megszállása
Menekülés Lengyelországba
Lengyelországból Magyarországra
A felszabadulás Csehszlovákiában
Roma sorsok



Polská okupace Těšínska
Útěky do Polska
Z Polska do Maďarska
Osvobozeni v Československu
Osudy Romů