IWitness Activity Library Redesign Coming This Fall

Mon, 06/01/2015 - 5:00pm










Educators will be able to preview the complete redesign of the IWitness activity library this summer in time for its official launch this fall.

After conducting market research surveys with 400 IWitness educators, the IWitness staff has made significant changes to the ways in which activities are organized in IWitness. The research indicated that educators wanted to be able to search more easily through the growing library of activities, save and share their favorites, and search for activities that meet specific standards including the Common Core.

Now, users will be able to browse activities by keywords and search terms. They can also filter by activity type, subject area, author, closed captioning and standards addressed.

Educators can also share activities with their colleagues via an email link attached to each activity. Another new feature allows them to “favorite” activities; these favorites are saved in a separate folder for easy access. Educators can also view all the activities they have assigned to different classes and groups.

The redesign comes two and a half years after the launch of IWitness, during which time the number of published activities has more than doubled. The redesign demonstrates the IWitness staff’s commitment to responding to users’ needs in order to provide the most user-friendly experience.