IWitness “Watch” Page Redesigned

Tue, 11/10/2015 - 5:00pm










The IWitness Watch page has been redesigned in order to enhance user experience for educators.

The Watch page offers a curated selection of 198 testimony clips from the Visual History Archive, organized by 57 topics including Family, Bystanders, Memory, Antisemitism, Ghetto Life, Forced Labor, Human Rights, and more. It is popular with educators since the clips cover a wide range of subjects and can easily be shown to students from the IWitness website.

The new Watch page now features Related Activities and Graphic Organizers applicable to each individual clip, to aid teachers in their lesson planning. Teachers can also use a new video player and revised topic descriptions, plus Related Topics for each clip, which will help users contextualize the clips and connect them to different themes. Finally, Related Terms with term definitions available on rollover will help users to expand their information search strategies when searching for relevant testimony content in IWitness.