IWitness Watch Page Adds Clips on Japanese Internment, Kristallnacht and Activism

Fri, 03/18/2016 - 5:00pm

IWitness continues to add new testimony clips to its Watch page, which cover a range of topics from Japanese internment to the Armenian Genocide.

A total of 19 new clips were added to the page, which already includes 250 clips across 64 topics including “Discrimination,” “Music,” and “Survival.”

Included in the new content is a clip from the testimony of Katsugo Miho, an American World War II liberator who describes visiting a Japanese internment camp in Arkansas.

Eight new clips were added to the “Kristallnacht” topic, which previously only contained two clips. The new clips include survivors describing watching a school burn down, their families’ businesses being looted, and how Kristallnacht changed their lives.

The are also four new Armenian Genocide clips from survivors Nvart Assaturian and Rose Apelian about bystanders, faith, deportation and family.

Finally, teachers and students can now watch clips from Hedy Epstein and Elizabeth Holtzman that are featured in the activity Finding Your Seat on the Bus. These clips address the difficult but important choices of social activism and justice.

Each clip on the Watch page is accompanied by related IWitness activities, related clip topics, related terms and graphic organizers to help teachers and students contextualize the clips.