Commemorate World Refugee Day with 24 Hours of Testimony

Fri, 06/17/2016 - 5:00pm

June 20 is recognized by the United Nations as International Refugee Day to raise awareness of the plight of the refugees around the world. For World Refugee Day 2016 USC Shoah Foundation presents 24 stories of genocide survivors who recall their experiences as refugees in their testimonies preserved in the Visual History Archive.

View all 24 clips in the exhibit.

In addition, a clip of testimony will be posted on USC Shoah Foundation’s Twitter account every hour on Monday to inspire, inform and shed light on the impact of war, genocide and massacre forcing individuals from their homes. Tweet about the clips using the hashtag #24RefugeeStories.

You can also read a new blog post 10 Interesting Facts About the Refugee Experience, and revisit Martin Smok’s blog about using testimony to illuminate the plight of current-day refugees in his native Czech Republic.