ProQuest Sponsors Visual History Archive Webinar for Association of College & Research Libraries

Fri, 08/19/2016 - 5:00pm

About 60 librarians and archivists from the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) viewed a webinar about the Visual History Archive on Thursday, August 18, hosted by ProQuest and USC Shoah Foundation.

The webinar, “The Power of Video Testimonies: The Visual History Archive,” was part of ACRL’s Choice Webinars series, which connects ACRL members to industry experts in digital publishing, research trends, open access and other topics in free 60-minute online presentations.

The webinar was led by Doug Ballman, manager of external relations for the online archive at USC Shoah Foundation and Whitney Brown, project manager at ProQuest.

It began with an overview of USC Shoah Foundation, the 53,000 testimonies of genocide survivors and witnesses in the Visual History Archive, and the Institute’s partnership with ProQuest. Ballman and Brown then discussed the positive impact of video testimony on student learning and examples of how professors and scholars have used testimony in their teaching and research.

At the end of the webinar, viewers were invited to contact their ProQuest specialist or account manager for a trial of the Visual History Archive. Through the Institute’s partnership with ProQuest, any institution may obtain access to the full Visual History Archive through a subscription with ProQuest.