New on IWitness: Language Filters for Activity Library and Watch Page

Thu, 11/10/2016 - 5:00pm






The IWitness Activity Library Spanish language filter



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IWitness now offers so many testimony clips and activities in multiple languages that new filters have been added to the Watch page and Activity Library to help users easily discover resources in their own language.

Of the 72 multimedia activities in the Activity library, 19 are in languages other than English, including three in Czech, one in French, seven in Hungarian, one in Polish, five in Spanish and two in Ukrainian. A filter on the left side of the page allows users to select the language(s) they wish to explore.

The Watch page offers testimony clips in English, Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Spanish, which are now easily searchable with the new filter option on the right of the page. Each clip is accompanied by biographical information, related activities, graphic organizers, and more.

The expanded content in languages other than English reflect the ever-growing reach of IWitness across the world. Professional development programs in Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland regularly introduce teachers to IWitness and USC Shoah Foundation, and the new Guatemalan Genocide testimony collection has provided IWitness with even more content in Spanish.