President Folt's statement regarding the situation in Israel and Gaza

Wed, 10/11/2023 - 10:05am

Over the past several days, I have been in touch with many members of the Trojan Family who voiced their pain and despair in the wake of the unprecedented terrorist attacks in Israel. We mourn the shocking loss of life. We condemn the terrorist attacks by Hamas and their brutal threats to execute kidnapped civilians and commit other atrocities.

As the horror in Israel and Gaza continues to unfold before our eyes, many of you have asked about how we are addressing the safety and well-being of our Trojan Family at USC. We immediately strengthened security protocols on our campuses and at places of worship. We just launched a new online source for accessing all available support services and updates. University resources and support will be open and operational throughout the fall break.

The provost is working with faculty in all schools to provide academic accommodations for students who are struggling. Campus Support and Intervention and the Student Health Center continue to provide outreach and counseling services. We will provide additional support as needed.

I have seen our Trojan community pull together with grace and humanity in these deeply disturbing times. During the dark days ahead, we need the light and compassion of our university community more than ever.