Eighth grader Aaron Fig thought carefully when it came time to choose a charitable cause to support for his bar mitzvah earlier this year. When his mom suggested USC Shoah Foundation, it spoke to him, he said, and he enlisted his friends and family to help. “I looked at the website and I thought it was really cool,” Aaron said. “What really stuck with me was the fact that [USC Shoah Foundation] is saving memories. It’s filming people saying their stories that will be archived forever.”
/ Monday, September 19, 2016
Expanding its reach in South America, USC Shoah Foundation has reached an agreement with a museum in Chile to house nearly 100 testimonies from Holocaust survivors.
chile, visual history archive / Monday, September 19, 2016
Holocaust survivor Liana Blum recalls the five-week voyage that brought her and her family from Czechoslovakia to Chile in 1940. They were the only Czechs on the ship, but felt welcomed in their new country.
clip / Monday, September 19, 2016