Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide testimony collections include several categories of individuals linked directly or indirectly to the calamity. The vast majority are Armenian Genocide survivors, while others are Armenian descendants (second and third generation), scholars, rescuers and aid providers, foreign witnesses, and Yezidi survivors, as well as Arab and Greek eyewitnesses. The interviews were recorded in 10 languages in 13 countries.

Armenian Film Foundation Collection
The Armenian Film Foundation’s film archive contains 333 interviews with more than 380 interviewees Armenian Genocide survivors, descendants, witnesses, scholars and other types of experiences. Interviews were conducted and recorded throughout the world in 10 countries, primarily in English and Armenian—some in rare Armenian dialects—though other interview languages include Arabic, Greek, Spanish, French, Kurdish, Turkish, German, and Russian. Most of the interviews were conducted by Hagopian, who recorded them on 16 mm film between 1972 and 2005 for a series of documentaries. About half a dozen interviews were also conducted by Carla Garapedian after 2011.
Richard G. Hovannisian Armenian Genocide Oral History Collection
The Richard G. Hovannisian Armenian Genocide Oral History Collection contains more than 1,000 interviews of Armenian Genocide survivors and descendants. They primarily consist of full-life histories which illuminate Ottoman-Armenian life, the Genocide and post-Genocide era, and the diaspora experience. Survivors are from all over the Ottoman Empire and also many interviewees from the former Russian and Persian empires. Testimonies are mostly in Armenian and English, with some in Turkish and Spanish.