Many generous and visionary individuals and organizations helped make Dimensions in Testimony possible. We are grateful for this caring group of passionate supporters, all of whom were preceded by Sir Trevor Pears, who provided early thought partnership and philanthropic investments to transform testimony as we knew it, and to preserve some of the world’s most important conversations well into the future.

USC Shoah Foundation is proud to work alongside each of the partners listed below and we gratefully acknowledge their ongoing support and commitment to our shared work.


$1,000, 000+

Genesis Philanthropy Group

Genesis Philanthropy Group (GPG) is a global foundation, co-founded by Mikhail Fridman, an international businessman, investor and philanthropist, and his business partners. GPG primarily, but not exclusively, focuses its philanthropic support on developing and enhancing Jewish identity among Russian-speaking Jews worldwide. GPG supported the recording of the first Russian-language interactive biographies of a survivor and a Red Army veteran for the Dimensions in Testimony program. Given the importance of Holocaust education for young people today and in the future, GPG aims to disseminate knowledge about the tragedy of Soviet Jewry during the Shoah and the heroism of the Jewish fighters against the Nazis to a wider audience.

Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center

Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center (IHMEC) is a founding museum partner for the Dimensions in Testimony program. Together, USC SF and IHMEC filmed seven local Holocaust survivors: Aaron Elster (of blessed memory), Fritzie Fritzshall, Sam Harris, Janine Oberrotman, Adina Sella, Israel Starck, and Matus Stolov. These testimonies and others can be viewed as a part of the museum’s state-of-the-art Take a Stand Center.

Pears Foundation

Pears Foundation is a founding partner of the Dimensions in Testimony program and has continued to support its evolution, significantly increasing the program’s reach and impact. Pears Foundation was established by Mark, Trevor and David Pears, all of whom serve as its Trustees. The Foundation is focused around themes of understanding, engagement and well-being and is the largest funder of Holocaust education in the UK.

The Snider Foundation

The Snider Foundation and its philanthropic efforts are a direct result of the vision, work and generosity of Philadelphia's Ed Snider. Following his passing in 2016, Mr. Snider's family is continuing his legacy of giving. Since 1977, The Snider Foundation has granted more than $40 million in philanthropic gifts. The Foundation embraces its legacy with philanthropic efforts that sustain Jewish culture and combat anti-Semitism.

Tianfu Bank and Tianfu Group

Tianfu Finance, a combined commercial bank and financial leasing group based in Chengdu, China gives generous support to a variety of international charitable organizations, including USC Shoah Foundation. Tianfu’s support is part of its mission to better the world through investments and charitable activities.


$500,000 - $999,999

Melinda Goldrich and Andrea Cayton/Goldrich Family Foundation in honor of Jona Goldrich

USC Shoah Foundation’s Board of Councilors member Melinda Goldrich and her sister Andrea Cayton memorialize their father, Holocaust survivor Jona Goldrich, because Holocaust education and the important work of USC Shoah Foundation was his mission and is now theirs.

Louis. F. Smith

Louis Smith, a member of USC Shoah Foundation’s Next Generation Council, was one of the earliest supporters of Dimensions in Testimony as he saw it as a way to continue conversations with survivors far into the future.

Righteous Persons Foundation

The Righteous Persons Foundation was a founding partner of the Dimensions in Testimony program. Deeply moved by the experience of directing Schindler’s List, Steven Spielberg donated his portion of the film’s profits to build and support a meaningful and relevant Jewish community. To that end, he and Kate Capshaw established the Righteous Persons Foundation (RPF), which has made more than $100 million in grants—and been supported by additional profits from the films Munich and Lincoln.

For more than two decades, RPF has funded innovative approaches that help bridge the divide between people of different backgrounds; galvanize the power of the arts, media, and storytelling; preserve Jewish history and traditions and make them accessible for generations to come; build on the Jewish value of justice to inspire social activism; and ensure that the moral lessons of the Holocaust are not forgotten.



Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum provided support for the Dimensions in Testimony interview with local Holocaust survivor Max Glauben. Mr. Glauben’s testimony, along with other Holocaust survivor testimonies, can be viewed at their state-of-the-art Dimensions in Testimony theater.

Stiftung EVZ

Stiftung EVZ provided support for the first ever German-language Dimensions in Testimony interview with Holocaust survivor Anita Lasker-Wallfisch. This interactive testimony is currently being piloted in different locations throughout Germany.

Cecile and Edward Mosberg

Edward and Cecile (of blessed memory) Mosberg, Holocaust survivors and philanthropists, have dedicated their lives to tell the world about the horrors of the Holocaust. Ed Mosberg contributed his personal testimony and funds to both the Dimensions in Testimony interactive biographies and 360 Degree Testimony on Location. With support from the Mosbergs, USC Shoah Foundation was able to build a mobile filming rig that allows our team to film these interactive interviews with survivors close to their homes. Edward Mosberg states that “It is important that those who come after us are our witnesses and be sure that the tragedy of the Holocaust will never be forgotten.”


$100,000 - $249,999

CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center

CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center is a founding museum partner for the Dimensions in Testimony program. Together, USC Shoah Foundation and CANDLES filmed museum founder Eva Kor (of blessed memory). Eva’s testimony and others can be seen as a part of the museum’s permanent exhibit.

The Leon Greenman Trust

The Leon Greenman Trust was an early supporter of the Dimensions in Testimony program, helping to launch the project in memory of Holocaust survivor Leon Greenman. Mr. Greenman was living in the Netherlands with his wife and son when they were deported in 1943 to Birkenau by train with roughly 700 others. Mr. Greenman was one of only two survivors of the 700 individuals deported on that train, and later dedicated his life to sharing his story with students and others, and fought injustice and intolerance well into his 90s.

Aliza and Guillermo Liberman

Support from Aliza and Guillermo Liberman provided for the first ever Spanish-language Dimensions in Testimony interview with Holocaust survivor Lea Novera. The grandchild of a Holocaust survivor and member of USC Shoah Foundation’s Next Generation Council, Aliza Liberman and her husband Guillermo are doing what they can to ensure future generations feel connected to the horrors and lessons of the Holocaust.

Holocaust Museum Houston

The Holocaust Museum Houston provided support for the Dimensions in Testimony interview with local survivor William Morgan. Mr. Morgan’s testimony can be viewed as a part of the museum’s permanent exhibit.

Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage

The Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage provided support for the Dimensions in Testimony interview with local survivor Stanley Bernath (of blessed Memory).

Marcy Gringlas and Joel Greenberg, Seed the Dream Foundation

Dr. Marcy Gringlas, child of two Holocaust Survivors and developmental psychologist, co-founded Seed the Dream Foundation together with her husband, Joel Greenberg, in 2011.  Gringlas, former member of the USC Shoah Foundation's Board of Councilors, and Greenberg, former United States Department of Justice trial attorney who served in the Office of Special Investigations, remain steadfast in their commitment to educating about contemporary antisemitism. Today, Seed the Dream Foundation supports numerous projects to raise awareness about and address antisemitism across the United States, including: the Echoes and Reflections Gringlas Unit on Contemporary Antisemitism. Seed the Dream Foundation is a private grant-making foundation that strives to advance well-being through Educational Access, Engagement, Awareness, and Empowerment.


$25,000 - $49,999

Shimona and David Petroff

Shimona and David Petroff supported the development of technology that would enable USC Shoah Foundation to collect interactive testimony for the Dimensions in Testimony program from anywhere in the world.

Albert M. Tapper

A longtime supporter of USC Shoah Foundation, Albert M. Tapper is passionate about supporting genocide and Holocaust education. He established the Tapper Research and Testing Center in the backlot of Universal Studios in 2002, which allowed scholars and educators to search within the testimonies for the very first time. Tapper has provided seed funding for innovative projects such as taking testimonies in areas of current conflict and Dimensions in Testimony. His philanthropy is informed by his belief in the power of the testimony of survivors of the Holocaust and other genocides to combat hate.